Terms of payment

  • pay

    In our hotel you can pay with cash or credit card!

    cash creditcard
    • Accepted currencies

    • Hungarian Forint
    • Euro
    • Accepted cards

    • JCB
    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • Maestro
    • American Express
    • OTP Szép Kártya
    • MKB Szép Kártya
    • K&H Szép Kártya
    • Payment

    • We kindly ask our guests to settle their bill on the day of arrival.
    • Advance deposit

    • 10% deposit is required by online bookings. The deposit must be transfered to our bank account latest 5 working days after booking.
    • Bank account number (when transfering Hungarian Forint):10401282-50526569-75561004 (Hotel Sunshine Kft.)

    • Bank account number (when transfering Euro):10401282-50526569-75561011 (Hotel Sunshine Kft.)
    • IBAN: HU75SWIFT: OKHBHUHBPlease write your name and the word deposit in the message field.Thank you for reading and accepting the payment conditions!