Data Policy

Hotel Sunshine kft. agreed to take full responsibility for your personal data and details, and not to give or share information to 3rd. Party. You can find Our data policy below.

1, Type, and aim of data policy:

Keep informations about the datas of subscribers (e-mail address), whoes sign up for the 5 % accommodation discount voucher in order to send the requested voucher to its owner. We also keep customer informations in connection with the accommodation reservations. For those who making reservations via our online reservation system we apply different data policy.

2, Data Policys’ logic:

Registration and information sharing with it totally voluntary. You must fill out only the most important and necessary parts of the registration process.

3, The surface and time of data sharing:

You have to share your details through Hotel Sunshine Kft. Personal servers. We keeping your personal details and no longer containing until cancellation or expiration date of voucher. 3rd party have no access to the personal data in any matter.

4, Data transmission:

Users details contains in our reservation system (HostWare).

5, We holding your personal datas safe.

These informations are inaccessible for public view.

6, Termination and deletion of Data

Our reservation system (Hostware) contains all the personal details of each customer. In case of Cancellation, deletion, termination, all the datas and details are removed from our record and no longer accessible.

7, Legal remedy and compensation

If you feel that your datas being used unauthorized by us, and its caused disadvantages, please contact us below:

Phone: +361-720-77-71


For any other purposes please contact to the competent bureau (ABI).


A Hotel Sunshine*** policy

  • fizetés

    Dear Guests,

    • Our colleagues do their best in order to make your stay enjoyable and problem-free. We kindly ask you to note and observe the following rules.
    • 1) Maintainer of the hotel: Hotel Sunshine Kft. Company, 1191 Budapest, Bethlen Gábor u. 31. (in the followings maintainer).
    • 2) The rooms can be occupied on the day of arrival from 14:00 P.M. (If our staff cleans the rooms afore, they can be occupied earlier.)
    • 3) The rooms must be left until 10:00 A.M. on the day of departure.
    • 4) In case of late check-out until 15:00 P.M., the 50% of the current room fare (depending on room type) must be paid. After 15:00 P.M. the full price of 1 night (depending on room type) must be paid.
    • 5) At check-in guests receive the room keys, magnet card and remote control for TV. For this, guests must fill out the Guest Registration form properly. Please return these items to the reception by departure.
    • 6) Mealtimes: breakfast 7:30-10:00 A.M. The breakfast may be eaten in the hotel’s restaurant only.
    • 7) Food and beverages bougth outside the hotel can be consumed in the rooms only, preserving the furniture. Every damage caused in room must be paid by the guest.
    • 8) If the guest asks for the lenghtening of stay, the maintainer can offer a different room from which the guest was originally hosted.
    • 9) Visitors of the guest can enter the hotel 08:00-22:00, only with the permission of the hotel staff. Visitors must fill out a registration form at the reception.
    • 10) No flammable material is allowed in the hotel rooms. Usage of coffee maker, water boiler, iron or other electrical equipments is forbidden. Ironing of clothes is available, please ask for it at the reception.
    • 11) Guest cannot use own electrical devices in the building, especially in the rooms. This doesn’t include devices used for personal hygiene (razor, massage machine, hair dryer etc.) and laptop, telephone, camera, photo machine. Any damage caused by permitted devices must be paid.
    • 12) For safety reasons, children under 10 years must not be left without an adult’s company in the room or in other areas of the building.
    • 13) Smoking: allowed only outside the building, at the assigned smoking areas. Smoking is not allowed in rooms or other parts of the building. If the guest smokes outside the assigned areas (especially permitted in rooms), must pay a penalty up to 50.000 HUF!
    • 14) Please respect the peace of other guests and do not disturb each other, especially after 10:00 P.M.
    • 15) Furniture and linen must not be taken out from the hotel. Rearranging the furniture in the rooms and public areas is forbidden. Reparing of any electrical equipment or furniture is not allowed. In case of damage, the guest must pay a fee.
    • 16) Before leaving the room, please close water taps and windows.
    • 17) The guest is responsible for all damages caused in the maintainers property. Damages must be paid according to attached room invertory.
    • 18) Every room has got wireless Internet connection, that can be used free of charge.
    • 19) The price of accomodation and related services must be paid according to the current price list or the price agreed previously. The invoice is usually made by the departure. The payment deadline is immediate. If the guest stays more than 7 days, the maintainer can ask for a deposit up to 50% of the reservation.
    • 20) Please – before leaving the room - ascertain that the taps and windows are closed, and the lights are turned off.
    • 21) In case of any malfunction, please inform the reception staff immediately.
    • 22) Damages caused due to negligence or on purpose must be paid by the guest.
    • 23) For information about further services, please ask the reception staff.
    • 24) Guest is liable to observe the rules of the hotel policy. In case of breaking the rules, the maintainer can refrain from accomodateing and serving the guest.
    • 25) Szállodánkban az alábbi fizetőeszközöket fogadjuk el: We accept the following payment forms: Cash: HUF, EUR Bank cards: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, JCB, American Express
    • Jacuzzi and sauna:

    • 1) The wellness room can be used only with permission of receptionist.
    • 2) Hotel guests can use the wellness section without restraint in the opening times.
    • 3) Opening times: 09:00-21:00 every day.
    • 4) The maximum capacity of the wellness section in the opening times: sauna 3 person, jacuzzi 6 person.
    • 5) Please do not enter the wellness section with dirty shoes. The jacuzzi can be used only with swimming suits.
    • 6) Guests can use the wellness section only at their own risk. Taking a shower before using the sauna and jacuzzi is required.
    • 7) Children under 18 years cannot use the wellness section without adult company.
    • 8) To protect the health of guests, the wellnes section cannot be used by:
    • People with fever, intestinal disease and skin disease, Disease causing fainting, Drunken, Under influence of drugs.
    • Smoking, littering, loud activity, eating-drinking is forbidden in the wellness section. Please do not put any fragile or dangerous objects, reagents, soap or shampoo in the whirlpool.
    • 10) The sauna can be used according to general sauna usage rules. Please do not steps on the sauna bench with slippers.
    • 11) The hotel does not take responsibility for accident caused by guests. In case of extraordinary events (injury, fire etc.), please inform the hotel staff, who will take the appropriate measures. First aid is available at the reception during the opening times.
    • 12) Please return lost items to the reception.
    • 13) If the guest damages or appropriates the furnishing willfully, or pollutes the water, the guest must pay a fee. An infringement procedure can be started against the guest, who can be removed from the wellness section.
    • 14) The maintainer reserves the right to organise closed events in the wellness section, with the exclusion of the general clientele.
    • 15) Guests must leave the wellness section at the closing time (9:00 P.M.).
    • 16) Please inform the hotel staff in case of any problems detected (congestion, contamination).
    • 17) Observing the rules is a must for every guest using the wellness section!
    • We hope to meet your expectations, and that your stay will be joyful!
    • Sándor Török General Manager