Sights of Budapest

    • St. Stephen`s Basilica

      Szent István Bazilika
    • The St. Stephan Basilica is one of the most significant and beautiful spiritual and tourist sight of Budapest. The reason could be found as the respect of the denominator King Stephan who is also the founder of the Hungarian state, and on the other hand its popular because of monumental and artistic values of the building. The cupola of the Basilica established a look-out tower, you can have a breathtaking view to the city. The Basilica located next to Deák square so you can easily approach it by taking the M3 metro line from the Hotel without change. We would recommend the Budapest card for free public transport all around Budapest. Cards are available at the reception desk.

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    • Hungarian State Opera House

      Magyar Államio Operaház
    • Hungarian State Opera House (Budapest, Andrássy Avenue 22) is the one in Hungary with large numbers of company.The House is home to the Hungarian National Ballett. If you visit it, you are guaranteed to remember it for a long time, and after that you can end your day in our hotel's wellness section.

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    • Deak Ferenc Square

      Budapest Deák Ferenc tér
    • Deak Ferenc Square is Budapest's busy central. Every main landmark can be reached from the square even with walking. Some of Budapest's famous nightclubs and bars are located on the nearby Kiraly Street.

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    • Parliament

    • The visit in the Parliament. You can see the Hungarian Royal Crowns.View the imposing build of the Parliament. For the smooth journey you can buy Budapest tickets at the reception. You can ease your transport. If you need further information feel free to ask our colleagues.

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    • Citadel (Citadella)

    • The Citadel has a beautiful view. The elegance of this place perfect for romance. There are always a lot of walking couples. No wonder,because the floodlit-ted Budapest is here. The bridges ,buildings just sparkling on the Danube with their own reflection. You can boost the miracle of the night with a champagne at our hotel.

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    • Dohány Street Synagogue

    • A Zsinagóga a Dohány utcában található. A magyar neológ zsidóság legnagyobb zsinagógája, illetve a legnagyobb egész Európában. A Zsinagóga Budapest jelentős idegenforgalmi látványossága, emellett fővárosi kulturális életében is aktív szerepet tölt be, ugyanis hangversenyeknek és fesztiváloknak is helyszínül szolgál. Az itt töltött kellemes időt tovább fokozhatja szállodánkban elérhető nagyszerű szolgáltatásokkal.

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    • Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden

    • The Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden is one of the oldest in the world. It is located in the heart of Budapest. It has 7 continents’s animal curiosity.Travel all over the world.Meet with more than 800 special animals.It could be a super program for family and individual too. After the long walking is the best to relax with a cup of drink.

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    • Margaret Island

    • Margaret Island is located in the heart of Budapest, one of the island of the Danube. This is actually a huge park where you can take long walks on the fresh air. Main attractions of the island are the ruins of a dominican monastery, a Japanese garden, a zoo and a musicial fountain. After this active program you may enjoy the jacuzzi and sauna in our hotel, which is free of charge.

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    • Buda Castle palace

    • According to UNESCO’s list the Castle district is part of the World Heritage Sites since 1987. We can divide the district to three parts: Buda Castle palace, St. George”s square, and the historical residential area. The Castle district is located on the top of the Várhegy hill. From there you can have a beautiful view to the city center and the Danube. We can recommend river cruises with Hop On Hop Off tickets. Tickets are also available at reception, where we also provide a voucher with discounts to several other programmes and attraction.

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    • Museum of Applied Arts

    • The Museum of Applied Arts is a beautiful building, a masterpiece of Hungarian Art Nouveau. The Museum has a unique collection of applied art works contemporary and historical, from Hungary and abroad, also has several masterpieces from the treasury of the Esterházys. For more information, please ask our receptionists.

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    • Vörösmarty square

      Vörösmarty tér
    • Vörösmarty square is located in downtown. Popular attraction, favored by mass of walking tourists. It also gives place to the famous Christmas fair during wintertime. Its definitely the place worth a visit, after having a gorge breakfast in our hotel.

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    • Hungary wine regions

      Magyarország borvidékei
    • Hungary is famous for it's high quality wine production and wine regions. Offers almost perfect, wide range of wines which clings to traditions, also can innovate continuously. If you choose us, you can also choose from wide variety of famous wine, that you can enjoy during a conversation.

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    • Andrássy Avenue

      Andrássy út
    • One of Budapest's main landmark is the famous Andrássy Avenue. Similar to French avenues, however it is still a unique one. It is about 2 kilometers long and connects to Heroes' Square. You don't have to worry about the distance, because the most comfortable way for city tour is on one of the hop on - hop off sightseeing buses. You can get more information about the timetable, stations, and guidance from our receptionist, also find our brochures there.

    • Fishermans Bastion

    • Fishermans Bastion in Buda Castle is located in Budapest's first district. The Bastion get its name from the guild of fishermen that was responsible for defending the stretch of the city walls. The stonetowers are there to symbolize the seven Hungarian Conquest leaders. You can have a breathtaking panoramic view from it's terrace. For more information,feel free to ask our receptionist.

    • Matthias Church

    • Matthias Church is in Castle District, located on Trinity Square ,which has a long historical past. Franz Joseph and Elizabeth were crowned here.After visiting Mathias Church and the walking on Castle Hill, our hotel provides fine relaxation with our sauna and jacuzzi, which you can use free of charge.

    • Buda Folklore hall

      Budai Flokrole
    • The Buda Folklore hall provides attraction for those who are interested in hungarian folk music and folk dance. The show performs region to region with live music and with high quality dance show, which you can be an active part of if you are interested in it. You can buy tickets at the receptionist.

    • City Park

    • Nature is the best therapy. One of the best way of relaxing is hiking. In fresh air, your mind clears, your inner world and nature will be in harmony. For this, the City Park is perfect, where you can enjoy what nature can offer, and after that we are waiting for you with well-equipped rooms.

    • Budapest's bath

      Széchényi fürdő
    • Budapest's two most famous bath house are Szechenyi Baths and Gellert baths are waiting with covered and uncovered sections as well. You can buy tickets at our reception with additional services, like massage and changing cabins.Budapest's two most famous bath house are Szechenyi Baths and Gellert baths are waiting with covered and uncovered sections as well. You can buy tickets at our reception with additional services, like massage and changing cabins.

      Gellért fürdő
    • Chain Bridge

    • The Chain Bridge is magnificence. The first stable bridge is on the whole hungarian Danube session. Shipping on the Danube you can see the boths side of Budapest.Buda and Pest).The Hop on Hoff ticket includes this service.Tickets are also available at reception, where we also provide a voucher with discounts to several other programmes and attraction.

    • John Mountain

    • The John Mountain is beloved excursion place for the inhabitant of Buda and Pest.You can go with chair -lift and the children can enjoy the pleasure of the journey on the light railway. After an exhausting hiking enjoy your free time carefree at our hotel.

    • Kopaszi Dam

    • The Kopaszi Dam is located at the Connectived Railway Bridge,in the XI. District of Budapest.It seperates the Lágymányosi Bay from Danube,which with 900 m long is on Danube .It is a popular resting and meeting place, several small restaurants and playgrounds are also located here. After breakfast it looks promising for relaxing on a nice spring day.