Data Policy

Hotel Sunshine kft. agreed to take full responsibility for your personal data and details, and not to give or share information to 3rd. Party. You can find Our data policy below.

1, Type, and aim of data policy:

Keep informations about the datas of subscribers (e-mail address), whoes sign up for the 5 % accommodation discount voucher in order to send the requested voucher to its owner. We also keep customer informations in connection with the accommodation reservations. For those who making reservations via our online reservation system we apply different data policy.

2, Data Policys’ logic:

Registration and information sharing with it totally voluntary. You must fill out only the most important and necessary parts of the registration process.

3, The surface and time of data sharing:

You have to share your details through Hotel Sunshine Kft. Personal servers. We keeping your personal details and no longer containing until cancellation or expiration date of voucher. 3rd party have no access to the personal data in any matter.

4, Data transmission:

Users details contains in our reservation system (HostWare).

5, We holding your personal datas safe.

These informations are inaccessible for public view.

6, Termination and deletion of Data

Our reservation system (Hostware) contains all the personal details of each customer. In case of Cancellation, deletion, termination, all the datas and details are removed from our record and no longer accessible.

7, Legal remedy and compensation

If you feel that your datas being used unauthorized by us, and its caused disadvantages, please contact us below:

Phone: +361-720-77-71


For any other purposes please contact to the competent bureau (ABI).


Jackuzzi Sauna

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    Finn Sauna

    Our jacuzzi and Finnish sauna is a great opportunity to recharge and relax. All hotel guests can use it free of charge, every day in the opening hours, 9:00 AM to 20:30 PM. The usage is not private! Private usage is possible for surcharge, in the opening times.



    If you left your bathrobe at home, you can borrow one at the hotel reception. It costs 800 HUF. You have to give 8000 HUF deposit, and the end of use we give back 7200 HUF. If you need a relaxing massage, our reception is happy to make an appointment for you with the appropriate masseur. If you want to improve your condition, you just have to take a few steps and you will find yourself in the Kispesti Pool or the fitness room of KÖKI Terminal shopping centre. Our hotel is not a wellness hotel. The jacuzzi and sauna is just an extra service, which is operated by the hotel, to make the stay of our guests more comfortable and pleasant.